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Week One - Introduction

Monday 1st June - Friday 5th June


Day 1: Introduction to Course

Day 2: Icebreaker

Day 3: What are the personal qualities needed for supervision? (Briefing)

Day 3: Alteration to #3 Briefing

Day 4: Catch-up day

Day 5: Personal Qualities [Story + Task]


Week Two - Creating the environment

Monday 8th June - Friday 12th June

Day 6: Queen's birthday - no message

Day 7: Recruitment and selection (Briefing)

Day 8: Recruiting and selecting staff members (Individual Exercise)

Day 9: Orientation [Introduction and Story]

Day 10: Orientation [Task]


Course Break

Monday 15th June - Friday 26th June

Guest Lecture on Motivation




Week Three - Delegation and monitoring

Monday 29th June - Friday 3rd July

Day 11: Problem Solving [Task]

Day 12: Managing Time and Workload (Conversation Briefing)

Day 13: Managing Time and Workload (Task)

Day 14: Catch-up day

Day 15: Delegation and Monitoring (Story)


Week Four - Developing staff potential

Monday 6th July - Friday 10th July

Day 16: Developing staff potential [Story]

Day 17: Developing staff potential [Task]

Day 18: Managing supervision challanges

Day 19: Developing your potential as a supervisor

Day 20: Course Summary

Course Conclusion

Portfolio Submission Instructions

Quiz Answers

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